Earned Value Management Web (evmweb) is a system based on EVM. It has an Integrated Changes Control. EVM is a popular project management technique for measuring project progress in an objective manner. EVM combines measurements of scope, schedule, and cost in a single integrated system. When properly applied, this system provides an early warning of performance problems. Additionally, if it is used properly, this system help to improve the definition of project scope, prevent scope creep, communicate objective progress to stakeholders, and keep the project team focused on achieving progress. Temporally the system is available in English and Spanish.

To provide you with the fastest access time, reliability, and disaster recovery, we use a dedicated server at some of the most advanced datacenters in the USA located within the heart of the U.S.A - Texas. This is equipped with: UPS backup, diesel generators, tape libraries, 24/7 monitoring, security alarms, hand scanners, etc.

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Basic Services (Free)
  • Maximum number of 3 free projects used by the user
  • Access to digital reports
  • 100 MB of cloud space for private files
  • 10 MB of cloud space for shared files for each project
  • Support (no priority)
  • Free accounts that have been unused by 90 days, could be deleted
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